SEO Speaking

Are you sick and tired of attending conferences packed full of speakers who bring nothing new to the table? Would you prefer your attendees were able to take home some actionable, practical tips on how SEO works – and how to make the most of it – then a generic talk on search we have all heard a million times before?

Well, me too. I firmly believe that the conference speaking world needs a shakeup. There are far too many speakers out there that just don’t provide enough value, say the same things over and over again, and do little to help attendees with their real business problems. I’m fed up with conference talks by numbers and am currently speaking at events up and down the country in a one-woman crusade to change things.

My speaking engagements this year include:

Previously this year, I presented my talk SEO for Startups: How to be first on Google at Docktify in an event organised by ConnectARUK.

Whether you are looking for an SEO speaker for your conference, or just need to hire a friendly, experienced, driven SEO consultant for your business, I can help – so why not get in touch with me today?

If you would like to speak at your event, please contact me.