I was born in a hospital in Alta Gracia, C√≥rdoba, Argentina, and have moved around quite a bit since then. I was nine years old when I first heard of something called “The Internet” and I was persistent enough to convince my parents to buy an incredibly expensive subscription to a 56k speed connection service for our home. We were the first house in the block to have Internet! The minute I started using Netscape Navigator and Altavista to browse the net, I knew I had to be a part of this mind-blowing platform somehow, but first I had to finish primary school.

From there, there was no stopping me. I used Napster, Audiogalaxy, ICQ and built my first site on Geocities. Naturally, this first website looked as horrible as Geocities and the late 90’s fashion allowed it to be, so I started learning HTML and Flash to build my sites instead. When I finished high school, I fell in love with WordPress and was soon selling WordPress sites- first to my parent’s friends, then to referrals, and then to complete strangers.

I built dozens of sites before realising that many of them had no traffic and certainly were not ranking “on Google’s first page”, as the client would have preferred. In the pursuit of solving these mysteries, I started researching the dark science of Online Marketing.

Meanwhile, I went to university and did two tertiary careers: Advertising and Multimedia Design. I later complemented these with a Diploma in Digital Marketing and relevant industry certifications such as Google Adwords and Google Analytics Certifications.

Today, I see the web as a multifaceted tool, a growing community, a blank canvas of creative potential and more. The web is an opportunity to solve problems, to reach people in unexpected ways, to design, create, collaborate and participate. It’s an opportunity to do business and grow. In the last few years, I have specialised in this last aspect, actively working in online marketing campaigns focused on eCommerce.

Professionally, I look for solutions that provide effectiveness and drive revenue, I make business goals and customer needs meet, but above all, I look for solutions that provide all of the aforementioned- plus Awesomeness. I like working in a team atmosphere and contributing to the process from the conceptual creation to the final details.

In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, doing yoga and reading web stuff for nerds.